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There’s a person who does not have a land with us.. He file a case in court but when he think he is false and case is not in his favor.. he withdraw the case. and then file same case again. court rejected case because case was same as before.. we had not done any action against him and not file a case in his reply.. now time passed of more than one year and we cannot file a case against him …. so we was living peacefully…Now again he give application to CPO ( police office) . CPO marked to sub inspector to investigate… he again claim for land…police take statement of both parties and ask people whose land. Now he submitted wrong application based on false thing to CPO.. Its our insult .. Now what action we can take against him according to law. kindly suggest can we go for FIR or we have to file case in court against this wrong and false based application.


  1. It shall be better if you first get a stay order from court and then file a suit for demages for mental torture and loss of reputation etc.

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