Question :

My wife has filed for recovery of FALSE Dowry and Gold items, which were never given to her by her family nor they are present in our home. She already filed a suit for recovery of maintenance allowance before divorce and haven’t gave any list of dowry items at that time.

In reply to that suit we gave an exact list of all dowry and gold items, which are physically present in our home currently.. But in that case, she and her lawyer never raised any issue on that list that if it is fake or real. They remained silent although they filed amended plaints further in the case later…

That case is still pending and I have given her divorce.. So, she filed another case for recovery of dowry articles and gold with fake lists and claimed extra-ordinary false things (For example 21 inch LCD TV while in reality it was normal 17 inch TV). Now both maintenance and dowry cases are consolidated and pending in the Family court.

Now my question is: Will the court accept their false lists or will give more consideration to our lists which we filed in the very start of case in our first reply almost 1 and half years ago, and they remained silent on those even in their amended plaints?? The things they mentioned never existed and cannot be found in our home nor she bring them with her… although the each and every thing we listed in our list is present and can be physically evidenced and found.


  1. You have a good case . dont worry you can defend the case , your lawyer who is already working on the case knows better how to handle the case.

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