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Aoa sir, it’s been 2 months that my brother is in prison.My brother took almost 15 lakh from the other party.He couldn’t return the money back in time because we were facing financial crises.So the opponent party filed FIR against him.Now the case is in high court and our lawyer is working on his bail.My brother gave 4 checks to the other opponent party as security.He has also given a check of 40 lakh as security.Now the other party is threatening us that even if we get bail they will still file FIR against those checks.Our lawyer says that they cannot do anything against those checks.My question is that can the other party file an FIR and what precautionary measures can be taken before time?What is the meaning of civil suit?We are very much upset.


  1. yes, your brother ll get the bail. civil suit is good option as precautionary measures. please also mentioned this cheque of 40 lac in current bail petition. A civil suit is civil nature case before civil court/ Aiwan e adal for renditions of accounts etc to declaration of account settlements etc. this ll help to protect your brother from any further criminal litigation/ FIR .

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