Question :

i am adam. i belong to a middle class family
a tragic misery has happen to me.
my boss has fired me from the job.
my joining date is 16-11-2015. on the day of 11-12-2015 [ Friday ] he fired me by saying that i am not beneficial for the company. but i have done more than the expectation. today i asked him for the salary he was saying that i have worked 11 days only and he hav’nt counted the Sundays [ official leaves ]
in this whole session i had 1 bike accident [ 2 days leave ] and my intermediate exams [ 3 days leave ]. he is powerful person. i want legal advice on this case. according to the employment laws of Pakistan.


  1. You can get your salary (along with fine upto 4 X salary ) by filing an application before Wages Authority through lawyer or may also file suit for damages before civil court.

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