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Salam, There is a floor mill located near our home at rural area of sukkur on a road connecting our homes with main highway. The floor mill owner made the drainage and gutter at road side which is always leak and because of which the road is damaged and not able to use as pathway for the residents. Now as government is constructing the road again the problem of floor mill is the same. I want to send the complain to the complaint cell of CM Sindh as well as to the Commissioner sukkur. I want to know the following:
1. Which law/act and clause is violated by the floor mill owner in above case
2. Which law/act for factories floor mills stated that each such industry will contribute some percentage of its profit for the progress of the area where it is situated?
kindly inform me regrading the details so i may quote it in my complain


  1. file a complaint before environment department regarding pollution and wastage of factory.

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