Question :

“I am working in a company where the duty is only for 8 hours, but every two days, they force us to do double shifts of 16 hours. According to the law in Pakistan, working more than 12 hours is not allowed, and if it happens, it should not exceed 12 hours. Additionally, the company is not obliged to pay double for the extra 4 hours. I want advice on whether I can send a legal notice to my company. Is this possible?”


  1. In Pakistan, labor laws set certain standards and regulations regarding working hours, and it is generally established that the standard working day should not exceed 8 hours. Overtime, if worked, is typically compensated at a higher rate. It’s important to note that labor laws can be subject to change, so it’s crucial to refer to the latest legislation or consult with a legal professional for the most up-to-date information. If your company is consistently requiring you to work double shifts of 16 hours every two days, it may be a violation of labor laws. If you believe your rights are being violated, you can consult with our labour lawyer to draft and send a legal notice to your company. This notice would typically outline the specific issues, your rights under the law, and the action you expect the company to take.

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