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I wanted to ask, Must father wants to take off my brother (his biological son) from his FRC due to some problems we are having with documents, as my brother is unable to travel to us to sign the papers. What can we do to take him off of the FRC?

We live in USA and have to sell a property in Pakistan which was in the name of my late mother. Must brother is unable to some to us and sign papers because ilhe is in US army and currently he is deployed and we cannot be in touch with him. The property in Pakistan has many issues and we are trying to get it in my fathers name so we can resolve issue. He is on the FRC and that so that is the problem. Can you please help us


  1. you may get a declaration decree from civil court , even without appearance of ur brother (as a defendant and ex-parte proceedings).
    or if u make a little effort, then ur brother may manage to send a Power of Attorney.

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