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Salam sir can u pls guide me.. after divorce my husband took my car without my knowledge .. this car was gift from him but registered at my name n i am the owner in papers of this vehicle.. i want it back so wat should i do pls guide me thank you sir…


  1. Gift once given can not be taken back.
    if you are a brave enough , then you may take same action as any one owner takes when his car is stolen or snatch. yes you may get register a FIR that some unkown has snatched your car and you have full doubt that your ex-husband is behind it.

    otherwise you may file a recovery suit along with other dowry articles before family court and get a restraining order on the use of car.

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  2. 05/06/2017

    Thankeww soo much sir… i wil contact u soon but rite now i m out from pakistan.. sir one thing more… my husband purchased this car n then registered someone else name… after that later he registered it on my name .. he gve me duplicate copy n kept all original papers …so who s legal owner n if i get it then can i sell it?

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