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Dear Sir AOA
Sir, i want a legal suggestion
that, in the year 1989 some acres land had been gifted to my father through voluntary by my all relatives afterwards my father a got a registration of the said land and owned till yet.
my father has been expired in the year 2015, after the death of my father being his legal heir I tried to the transfer on my name but last two months ago my uncle and aunt have claimed that we are the inheritance of the said too so they filed a complaint to the Additional Commissioner against me.

sir, my question is that a gifted land is reclaimable, I mean are they also inheritance
plz reply me as urgent because there is a fixed date of hearing



  1. No, they cant claim it. after the death of your father, his wife and children are the only legal heirs. It ll be better if you engage a lawyer to present your case,

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