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AOA, After long proceeding in courts, I had given divorce to my wife with mutual understanding. The conditions were, I will give her a certain cash amount, piece of land and in return, she will allow me to see my daughter. Its all agreed in front of judge and on stamp paper. But after getting all the money and land, still she does not allow me to see my daughter. What is the solution? I don’t want to go to court again. I live abroad, whenever I use to come for hearing, she will make excuse to not appear in front of judge and this delay caused 3 years and I was also not able to see my daughter. Is there any other solution?


  1. to see your daughter is your fundamental rights which cant be snatched due to any reason or order. No need to file a case again but you have to take help of court for meeting with your girl as per meeting schedule mentioned in agreement before court. for more info, you may call us at 0321 4610092.

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