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The court ordered me to Pay my Ex-Wife 5 Tolas Gold, which was written as Gift. Plus 45000 Meher and Some other expenses. The total they claimed became around 14 lac and the price of Gold was 124,000 at that time. The judge accepted and ordered me to pay the total 14 lac amount in installments of 1 lac rs per month. I have paid around 9 lac till now. But now the Gold price has increased too much. My question is, will I have to pay only 14 lac as decided before?? Because it was the judge who did the installments. Or they will claim the extra gold price again?


  1. Gold prices considered at the time of Execution of suit, if same was determined at the time of installment, then you ll only pay the same amount already decided by Family Court/ Executing court. for more information, you may call us at 0321 4610092 . Thanks

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