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Respected Sir,
my grandfather distributes home in between 5 sons 7marla’s equally remember that property area shamlat (okaf) we settled in Lahore for private father’s 7 marla have 1 room around wall in strting my hose look after under my uncle(taya) almost10years or 15 years till 1992. at this years we rent out this house for two years with addition a new room +hand pump electricity meter already installed for my nephew after that my uncle (chacha) take over after discuss my father for buffaloes barra continue 15 years almost after chacha death his grand sons claim that property is our & demolish our rooms starting new room.
what i do sir we already have stay order on it.

Rana saifullah


  1. 03/06/2018

    If there is already a stay order then why you are worried..? if anyone tries to interfere during stay order you may call the police for implementation of court orders and may also file a contempt of court in the same court.

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