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Hi… What is the legal possibility if a mother of two kids age 5 and 6 wants to merry again after his husband’s death. She don’t want to take her kids with her to her new husband.

Can the grandmother of the kids be their legal guardian?
Suppose after 2-3 years, she wants to claim her kids again from their grandmother. Is there a legal contract possibility be made between the mother and grandmother so in future there would be no chance of clashes upon kids custody.

Actually their grandmother wants to be on safe side. She wants a legal contract on stam paper that can be produced in court of law if any mishap from their real mother occurs in future.


  1. Grandmother may file a application for guardianship before Guardian Judge , wherein mother may submit her statement of No objection. The court ll appoint the Grandmother guardian of minor. It ll be a good option for both parties.

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