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My father bought a house measuring 14 marlas. At the time of transfer of property 7 marlas were transferred and registered ( registry ) under my name and the other 7 marlas were (registry ) registered under our mothe,sr name .

When my younger brother got married , 7 marlas of property ( House ) which was under our mothers name, was written as Haq Mehr in Nikkha Nama , 1. We did not mentioned, promised , neither verbally mention to any one at the the time of Nikha that we shall get this property transferred to the bride or allow her father to get it transferred without our knowledge.
After five years of marriage my brothers father in law some how get it entitled under my brothers wife. My brother is still married to the same wife and living happily , but did not like his father in law act.

My question is , By which family law my brothers father in law was able to get the house transferred without our mother,s consent and Bayan, neither anyone from our side appeared in the court, we never got any summons from the court or call from the court . Does Pakistan family law allow such transferring of property without knowledge consent , based on only mentioned in the nikkha nama as a Haq Mehr.

Can we get that 7 marlas of house transferred back to our mothers name ? Does the action of my brother,s father in law count as fraud ?


  1. 05/03/2016
    Dear Sir. My inquiry appeared on the forum but no legal advise yet ? Is it a site technical issue ?

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