Question :

Aoa sir,
Sir I am facing problem kindly help me to face this problem.
My house was sold by unknown person on agreement.
1-Actually (1 is ramzan) he sold shop (225 sqft from 1350 sqft) from plot no:52 to (2 -mazoor).
2-But plot no: 52 is my and this was residential plot and in this plot no: 52 have no shop.
3- in line there are 3 plots (50,51 are commercial + residential plots) and (52 plot is only residential plot) ,
actually (1- ramazan) was a owner of plot no: 51 but when he sale his shops (225sqft from 1350sqft) to (2-manzoor) from plot no: 51 but in agreement party 1 sold party 2 (plot 52) which is my plot and I not involved with buyer and seller they both are unknown person ….


  1. challenge the sale sale deed in civil court and obtain a stay order and get register a FIR for fraud and fabricated sale deed.

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