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Hello. I live in a housing society where few people have united to build a small MAFIA. They force every house to give Rs. 1000 monthly which they say they use for expenses for the security guard etc. But they collect way more money than the total expenditure and they do not even provide the details of where they spend the money. If someone is not willing to pay, they threaten and blackmails them that EVERYONE WILL BE RUDE TO YOU AND WILL BOYCOTT WITH YOUR FAMILY IF YOU DO NOT PAY. I find this really offensive, I mean there are families which can not afford to pay the amount yet they are forced to do so. What could legal action be taken to stop all this? This is completely unethical!


  1. If there is an association duly registered with Government department then it is legal to carry out social work in society. If you any objection to any act then it can be challenged before elected office bearers of society and if later on before the court. Election of society should be conducted as per by Laws of society, if there is no election then it could also be challenged before a competent court of law.

    In another case, if society is not registered then you may directly file an application before concern SHO for this illegal act.

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