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As Salaam Alaikum,
5 years ago my father paid aprox. 4 Corer rupees to 6 Property Deals in Chakari Rawalpandi to acquire Land for him some made cash and some of given to them by Bank Cheques but some property deals transfer very little Land on his name but some ran away till this date outstanding amount is around 3 corer since 2012 till this date. when we talk to them they say we transferred Land or Paid your money.
So my question is,
1- what is our chance of winning our case?
2- If we file a case, what sort of evidence/Proof is required to prove court?
3- Will Law Firm Help us to collect evidence like taking out Paid cheque copies from Banks, Bank Statements of closed accounts etc
4- How long it will take to recover the money?
5- Any reputed or expert Law Firm in Islamabad or Rawalpindi to deal such a cases.
6- should we register as a civil case or Criminal case?
7- is there any alter native option do we have cause they r not negotiating?



  1. if you have proof of payment or any written agreement you can win the case, its better to discuss the same in our office along with relevant documents, \please visit our Islamabad office,

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