Question :

I solemnized my Nikkah in January 2024, and as of now, it has not been registered with the NADRA. Due to a misunderstanding regarding the haq meher (dower) at the time of the ceremony, I wish to increase it with the mutual consent of my wife. Could you please guide me on the process for making this adjustment?


  1. Certainly, you have the option to increase the Haq Mehr of your wife at any time. Through mutual agreement, both parties can modify the terms with their consent. To effect this change, you need to draft a mutual agreement concerning the Haq Mehr on a stamp paper valued at Rs. 1200/- only. After the execution of this deed, it can be registered with the same Union Council where the Nikkah was initially registered. To formalize the increase as an integral part of the Nikkah Nama, submit an application to the concerned Secretary of the Union Council. Include a copy of the agreement outlining the augmented Haq Mehr, and request that the increase be reflected in the Nikkah Nama documentation.

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