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AOA .. I got married 7 years ago.. after birth of my son 5 years back husband disowned us and didn’t full fill his responsibilities n sent us back to my parent’s home.. 2.5 years back I filed khula.. court accepted it but gave us reconciliation period..but after the decisions he didn’t full fill the obligations of court .. did contempt of court.. gave me psychological torture now I m again filling khula case.. can I also file damage n defamation case against him?


  1. what was the total duration of reconciliation period…? what about maintenance of minor fixed by court…?

    you have right to claim pas maintenance only, suit for defamation is not recommended in your case.

  2. 09/10/2017

    Reconciliation period 3 months tha.. patch up ho gaya n us k baad 2.5 years tak husband dobara nahen aaya.. maintenance 20k fix tha wo bhe nahen daitay

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