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My name is sehrish I have 3 sons of 5 3 and 2 years old. My husband divorced me verbally but now refuses. My elder son is with him and 2 are with me. He keeps relationships outside which bother me a lot when I forbid he I ln return used to fight with me. My in laws used to say talak Yafta why don’t u go back they used to physically hurt me and used to abuse. After all I return here and now I teach in school. I wanted patchup I tried a lot yet he says too a bh jao to I will get married with another. I have said give me divorce papers but he doesnt he may be want to engage me for rest of my life but doesn’t call me for settlement neither he is interested. I want khula but I lm bit afraid he may file a case for kids custody. Kindly suggest me which way to go. Thank u.


  1. Why elder son is with him…? you should get his custody first. In my opinion, you should file a case for maintenance for minors and for yourself.

    take this matter seriously and engage a lawyer to file a case before a family court.

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