Question :

Assalam o alaikum
my husband divorced me on july 2017 through divorce deed which mentions he give me talaq 3 times
I dont want to get divorced therefore i need legal advice if i have any option to reverse my divorce
Please do reply Allah aapki madad karega


  1. unfortunately, you have no such right……… but

    Your divorce is not confirmed yet,

    if your husband did not sent a notice to Union council , then you may file the same before your Union council. Reconciliation Chairman ll call him for reconciliation , and in that case there would be chance for reconciliation, otherwise divorce ll be confirmed after expiry of 909 days and Talaq certificate ll be issued by Union Council.

  2. 18/07/2017

    dear Allah Almighty give this right of divorce to the man but your divorce will be completed after 90 days and in 90 days the spouses will reconcile to each other. further detail call 0300-8431006

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