Question :

My sister got married two years ago. She has a son of 1.5 yrs. But due to some family clashes she is staying at her parents’ house (with son) for more than six months.

Now her husband has sent a legal notice that my sister left their house with taking away 10 tola gold, 10 lac cash etc. Though it is not true as they just want money from us. And from where the clashes were started.

Please let me know how we can counter answer this notice and claim maintenance of son and my sister as she is living with us for more than 6 months?


  1. You are already delayed in seeking a legal remedy against her husband. In the event that her husband has issued a legal notice, responding to it may not be necessary. Instead, it is advisable to promptly initiate legal proceedings by filing a suit for the recovery of Dower, Dowry Articles, and maintenance for the wife and children. Time is of the essence, and taking immediate action is crucial to protect the legal rights and interests of your sister. For more free legal advice call us @ +92 335 4454000.

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