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I am a doctor and have a son. My husband is abusive and tried twice to murder me.after this second murder attempt im planning to take divorce from him.being a single women in our society isnt easy so i want to remarry as well at some later stage. But i am worried about my son”s custody.he is only 3 years old and has undergone aloy of voilence by his father as well.will my husband be eligible to take him after he reachea 8 years of age? And secondly will he get the custody if i remarry? I am worried for my child’s life as he may harm him when he gets psychotic attacks.


  1. yes, you can get the divorce easily and also the legal custody of your child. In my opinion your case seems to be much stronger , therefore there is no need of worry. The minor is a male child , so your second marriage ll not effect on the custody. you should visit our office for detail consultation, please call us for more information at +92 321 4610092 or email at

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