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I really need some legal advise. It has been 3.5 years of my marriage. My husband was not financially stable at the time of marriage and lives in a joint family. At the time of marriage the family dramatized that they were very supportive and will fulfill all expenses and the son will work with father in his business since it was a joint family system. Soon after marriage the entire picture changed, I got to know that there wasn’t much understanding between son and father and only my elder brother in law was well established in the family business and fulfilled all his family expenses with it. As for us, inspite of my husband giving his time, my father in law just gave us 6 thousand monthly and that also on asking. Even for small needs that just needed 500 to 1000 rs. We used to ask for money to our father in law. My husband started having clashes in business and also fought with me frequently for not involving much in his family as they were against him. From the start he had a very hyper attitude, he didnt use to give any pocket money to me monthly and I had to fulfil my expenses with my small freelancing work. He used to try for one work or the other but wasnt consistent. I tried for a job twice but quit twice due to in laws politics and my husbands behaviour. We had fights and he was very aggressive even the family members had disrespectful attitude with me. Due to all these issues I often stayed at my mom’s place. My father in law did nothing to resolve our financial problems. 2 yrs back my husband started his own work for someone that also didnt go so well. His condition was the same..during this time we had a baby too. My husband was never able to give us a good quality life. My son is now 1.4 yrs old and me and my family are bearing most of his and all of my expenses. I earn n buy most of sons essentials and mine too. Not even for six months after my marriage my husband gave me any fix pocket money,4 months back I began a job but quit few days back coz I was bearing all expenses n my husband is not earning. My husband physically assaulted me for leaving the job in front of my young kid and threatened to throw him down the balcony. Before this also he has slapped me twice on arguing with him and also threatens to take my son from me. Now neither he is giving divorce though I asked for nor he is giving any expenses for me n baby. I don’t feel secure to live with a man like him. Kindly help


  1. you have right to ask for maintenance and husband is duty bound to provide you full maintenance and monthly pocket money. he is also bound to pay the maintenance of minor son. you have right to get divorce on the basis of khula or cruelty and non maintenance.

    you may also file a police complaint against him or may approach to women protection center, if you are in Punjab province .

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