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I’m an oversea Pakistani. I had purchased one shop in the plaza in Pakistan in 2007. I have paid all payment of my shop but still, they are not giving the possession of my shop. even they have not developed plaza completely. the plaza management is not giving the proper answer. please let me know how I can register my request in Lahore high court or let me know what I can do.


  1. You have two remedies and in my opinion you should avail the both opportunities…. File a suit for specific performance of agreement or recovery of amount along with interest as per bank rates.

    you may also file complaint at overseas Pakistani Portal.

  2. 23/07/2017

    dear Mr. Khan, thanks for your immediate reply. dear could you tell me, in which court, I should suit and how many chances to get my money back. also oversea complaint portal is useful for us or not. can they help me ???

  3. 23/07/2017

    because now almost 10 years finished but they have not fulfill their promises ..

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