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I am male 42 years of Age. Married with three young kids. In early stages of my life, I had some problems and owing to this reason I could not complete my graduation.
However, I joined a private bank on the basis of a fake degree. Starting from the year 2006 onwards for first six years I remained employed with Bank’s subsidiary. Thereafter after six years in the year 2011, I was absorbed in the Bank by senior management and became a direct employee of the Bank. I was always recognised as an outstanding performer and was being kept rated top point scorer in Annual appraisals. The best part of my job I delivered was enormous amount of savings (Millions of dollars) during procurment of strategic level of Information Technology Procurement. The Bank’s board also recognized my serviced and awarded me the first President Award announced by the Bank in 2014. Unfortunately the next month of this award I was terminated after the fact of fake credential was unveiled to Bank’s HR. At the age of 40 with three kids and dependent parents, I requested Bank’s president and Ceo to show leniency in my case but the request was refused to avoid setting up any precedent for future. I was not issued four years Experience certificate either. Later I came to.know that Bank has demonstrated leniency in a like case . I would like to ask if I am in a position to claim my experience certificate from the Bank on the legal or humanitarian ground in order to continue my living for dependent family members. I was terminated in December 2014 and now I am a graduate.


  1. in my opinion, your case is much weak to be contested at court. however, you may file a writ petition before the high court on humanitarian grounds.

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