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I moved to Turkey 1.5 years ago. Got divorce one yrear ago. X husband left us 4 years ago and never paid a single penny for kids. Now in Turkey i need to renew my residency and for my 2 daughters (age 13 and 14). I need to prove my sole custody for kids. I contacted Pakistani lawyers. Different lawyers saying different things. One asking to get custody certificate. Other saying i automatically got custody, so i need guardian certificate. I already have kids guardian certificate which i got in 2016 when selling property in kids name. It states person and property’ of kids. Will it be enough? I have financial issues at this moment so coming to Pakistan and presenting kids to court will not be easy for me. Is there anyway i can get done through Embassy?


  1. If you already have a Guardianship Certificate then there is no need of another Certificate. you may get a certified copy from copy brach and the same shall be sufficient for immigration purposes. If you need further assistance you may call us @ + 92 321 4610092.

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