I got married on 27 Sep 2015...but we are not living together after the birth of my baby girl who is 17 months old...before the birh of baby he was living at my home cuz immediately after the marriage my mother in law his daughter and sons started quarrel with my husband insisted him to divorce me and finally in November 2015 my mother in law tortured and struck me and asked to leave the house...my mother was present at the time she hit me so my mother took me along with her and I came back to my parent home...AFTER few days my husband also came to my parent home and asked them to keep him for few months as he told he left his parent home to keep this marriage...my parents also supported him a lot to save my marriage and also his behaviour was good with me but he always insisted me to pressurize your parents to give us their lower portion of house which was already on rent fulfilling the monthly expenditures...I want to mention that my parents provide us third floor consisting of a room with (sehan) and washroom...but he was not satisfied with this nor he was struggling himself to rent a house for ourselves not even a single room which I insisted him a lot but all in vain...AFTER the birth of baby girl he left my parent home leaving me and went back to his parents..after few days he told me that we are shifting to Karachi and I have rented a studio apartment there and he shifted all the furniture (which was already in my susral) and other house hold items refrigerator etc to Karachi...but when I went there with all my stuff the scene was totally changed...he was dependent on his yonger brother sharing the apartment with his famiy...they were using my all things(furniture etc) and my husband kept me in very small room with just matrice...the most strange thing his attitude was totally changed and once i argued he asked me to get out of the house and leave the baby...I got scared and when things got out of my control I informed my brother and talked to him but he reacted and beat me brutally asking me to get out and leave the baby I will admit her in orphanage or give her to my sister(she didn't have children)...I also got very ill and as a result baby was also not feeling good so he sent us back to my parent home on 29 January 2018...till now i am with my parents along with my baby... Now i don't want to live with him i finally realized he can't take responsibilities..i want separation..he said I will not divorce u...I have serious threats from him about my baby...I want to go abroad to my brother but I don't have nikah nama nor CNIC of married woman....how can I go outside of Pakistan to safe my child's future...cuz if I asked him he can go to any limits...

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018 by zahrajahan9


  1. you have right to get the divorce through Family Court and also to have the custody of the child. This matter needs detail consultation and counselling, therefore, It ‘ll be better to visit our office for further consultation. Thanks.