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Aoa by mistake 15 years back when i filled the ID card procurment forms for my children i ticked the married check box for my son.
Last year my son misplaced the ID card and after acquring an FIR for a new ID card he was told that he has to give his wife,s name while to date he is not married.
The nadra centre manager told him that to get an ID card you need to write a fictious name otherwise no card will be given.
Hence here my son mafe a mistake and gave a fictitioys name.
Now his company is sending all un married boys for training abroad.
Hence his name was also given but when he went to the embassy he wad told he can not proceed.
So we want this married version to be removed.How to do this plz guide


  1. Simple solution is there, you may divorce her now ….

    on the other side legally, you may file suit for declaration before civil court to get it declared that your son is unmarried and NADRA on the basis of that decree shall correct the status in NADRA.

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