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Sir, 1- I have 02 sons, age of first is 07 years plus, and age of second is 06 years plus , my wife if in case of khullah can my wife claim custody of kids?
2- What a wife can claim in case of khullah from a husband?
3- I have some sms from her side ,in which she admitted her character problems and relations with some other man , can it help full for me to keep her away from claiming kids custody?


  1. 15/04/2017

    If u prove her bad character then the custody will not be disturbed and further you should properly educate the children . We can defend if she file a custody petition. If u want to engage us may call at 03334598315

  2. To decide a custody case of minors , welfare of minors is paramount consideration. You should prove that welfare of minors lies with you not the character of their mother. age of minors may help you in case to contest a custody petition.

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