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I am a male teacher employed by the school for about 11 years now. what happened is that the school had a new teacher who has another major with the subject I am teaching and now they have skimmed to make false allegations about me that I am inappropriately touching female students when I am teaching. I am a computer teacher and always the laboratory is full yet I am expected to help all the learners and as well as keep time. Now the biggest issue is that they have called me for a hearing internally several times and now they want to take the matter to the school committee where they say chances of firing me are high. Now if they succeed in firing me, can I win such a case in court and what legal advice can you give to me since I find myself in such a situation now?

Please help since this is my first case in the school and I have been working tirelessly in ensuring that all work given to me is done without any challenges.

Thank you.


  1. You should join the inquiry committee, if you have any reservation against the committee or its any member you should bring this into the notice of competent authority well in time as that’ll help you in future to contest your case on merit.

    If you do not join any proceedings then it ll be assumed that you have accepted the allegation or has nothing to disprove the allegations.

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