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I am an Indian Woman married to a Pakistani Man since last 12 years. I still hold Indian Passport and on Visa Extension ever since I came here in 2005. We adopted a boy of 20 days old in 2011. My husband is a kidney transplant patient since 2001. Now due to health issues, my husband wants to make a will of the property to our who is just 6 year old now. I am worried due to Indian Nationality, if anything drastic happens to my husband, I should have the legal and physical custody of our son. Please guide us.


  1. No.1. Will shall not work in your case, as he is adopted son and not entitled to inheritance. Therefore the property should be transferred on his name now, through sale deed. you may be appointed as his Guardian as well,

    on the other side it is the best time to file a write petition before high court to get your Pakistani passport. As per law you are now entitled to get pakistani nationality.

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