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My father just sold our family home for Rs 72 Lakhs, and now me and my two brothers want to buy my parents a new home with will cost us 1 crore and 60 lakhs. We have three sisters who are happily married with their families. My question is about the inheritance according to the Islamic sharia, should my father equally distribute 72 lakhs among all of us or my father can give my sisters their share according to the sharia while he is alive? I also want to know if we all brothers can get a legal document done with our shares and can assign one of our brother as care taker of the property because I live in Saudi Arabia and the other one lives in Canada. I want to know how much you will charge to get that document done.


  1. It ‘ll be better to distribute the share as per sharia. then you may buy a new home in which all brothers shall have equal shares. Yes, you may appoint one brother or a lawyer as a special power of attorney for this procedure. But don’t make a common mistake and make sure that the name of al brothers should be incorporated in the registry.
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