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i opened few private limited companies in islamabad/pindi dealing in imports few yrs back and got some investments from partners. i was managing partner (non investing) but business failed miserably to save it i got personal loans from banks (in my personal name) and few pathans i sincerely tried but even then business failed. and i had no other option the to fled the country ie malaysia since banks were after me, pathans were after me and my business partner investors were chasing me. during my absence ppl filed complaints against me in secp and police station my many cheques also got bounced

defualt was of about 15 million rs. now i want to come back to pak and restart a business in some other city of pakistan.
i want to earn quietly and once i have enough money, i will pay back to creditors in future now if i incorporate new private limited, will secp
will have any objection since due to my past bad record and freezed private limited companies and complaints/bounced cheques?
furthermore, how can i open account in any pak bank since my default status will reflect in interconnected data base?
how can any lawyer realistically help me without black mailing me?
i will sincerely appreciate answers of these question from any professional and god fearing lawyer


  1. you cant open a new company m cant open bank in your name, and cant make NTN again on your name, unless to clear previous record. All bank record in interconnected, blacklist person ll be arrested on a short call. if you want to work first then you may open a company on your brother or relative’s name.

    if there are cased then you may get a protection bail order from high court. if you interested to engage our law firm , u may send us email at

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