Question :

I filed a case in Rawalpindi court for maintenance of child and dowry amount recovery, during that time I learnt that I can file the case in Islamabad court as I am resident of Islamabad, so I withdrew the case from Rawalpindi and filed it in Islamabad court but the reason was not mentioned in the withdrawing application as civil judge herself wrote that we are withdrawing its on technical fault ground (no one listened to me) and first objection was made on territorial jurisdiction. And ISB court dismissed the case on the ground that it does not have jurisdiction and it should be on the proper platform which is Rawalpindi, I went in appeal ti Additional session judge which also dismissed. Now what to do though i submitted all the docs ID card, property docs, child birth certificate still court decided against me. Here i would like to mention that few of the documents were not submitted in trial court and later added in the appeal. Now if I go to High court then what should I take care of. Please guide.


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