Question :

I live in an apartment. The kids on daily basis rings bell door, lock the door from outside and knocks the door. After that, they just run. I have complained union of our apartment but one of them said they used to do the same when he was a kid (in a funny manner). I have one recovering cancer patient and one diabetic type 1 patient. They have to come and check the door each time those kids do that.

Please tell me what can I do legally.
I know under 7 aged children can do anything and it’s not an offence.Likewise, 7-12 years old also has no such law. But given my situation and the patients that I have, is there anything that I can do? I’m suffering from depression myself from many years.

Please advise me what I can do to stop them……


  1. If you can put a camera and then file a complaint with their parents, it ‘ll be the best option for you. Whereas you may, you may file a police complaint involving their parents.

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