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Respected legal experts,
1. Background Details : I hold a one kanal plot of land in Lake City Lahore which has some extra land with it (almost 8 marlas). I purchased the plot in 2009 & the contract terms state that if the plot is having measurement less than one kanal, Lakecity will refund me a price (pro rata) as per the original booking price.
2. Issue: Now the plot has extra land of 8 marlas & Lakecity Society is asking me to pay for this extra land according to the market value and not as per the original booking price.
3. Legal Question: What is my legal position in this case, what are the chances of winning if I resort to legal aid i.e., strong, good, moderate or weak?


  1. you have a strong case , in my opinion you should file it before civil court. The same principle which had been earlier made by the society for shortage of land ll be applicable to you as well.

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