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Sir… me and wife are married since the past 4 months but due to family dispute, we have been living separate for a month now. Fights amongst families resulted in me sending a legal demand notice (by my lawyer) of dowry gold given by our side (amount was exceeded by lawyer which is not true). They have also sent a response through lawyer to us which i will receive by today or tomorrow. Situation is, me and my wife are willing to compromise and save this marriage. We do not want to go to court. Can i cancel the legal demand notice sent? i want to settle this out of court i.e. have the real dowry declared from both parties and then move in together. What options do i have? looking for an urgent assistance as the court opens tomorrow and legal demand notice had a deadline till tomorrow after which recovery suit will proceed.


  1. we apologies for late response as the website was not working due to some technical problems.

    You are already out of court and the same legal notice has no such legal value to determine a final forum etc. you can cancel or withdraw the legal notice or even if you are going make a compromise then there is no such need, go a head a make a compromise.

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