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My husband has four brothers (three elder and one younger), all of them are happily married. My husband worked in Japan for 11 years and sent money to his father every month for the construction of a house for his parents and brothers. The house was finally constructed in Gulshan abad but the property is on the name of my husband’s father. Most of the money invested in this house was earned by my husband by he has no proof of it. My husbands elder brother is SP in Islamabad police. He and his wife finally carved out a plan and with the help of rest of the brothers and sister in laws, they forced my husband, me and my kids out of the house. My husband’s sister in law physically abused me and I have proof of it but I was not able to take any action as her husband is in police. We can do nothing against them. He has threatened me and my husband on various accounts. Now we are living on rent but my husbands financial condition is not good so affording rent is getting difficult day by day. Can my husband claim his legal right in the house. His mother died a long time ago but his father is alive and supports his older son. Please is there any way out?


  1. your husband has only one option to file a complaint against SP before IG police for torture and threats, as property belong to your father in law and now after passing the new law of Benami transaction, you cant claim the property ownership.

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