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my father took a business loan from the bank on a guaranty of our house. He died in 2014. The money got stuck in the market. We already paid half of the amount. Now the bank is asking to submit all amount till Dec 31, 2017, else they will put a case and will auction our house.

I want to ask what is our rights in this case . will the bank has rights to sell the property to recovers it’s loan after the debtor died. did the bank has rights to also recover the interest on the outstanding money. should we go for the case?

your expert opinion is required. thanks



  1. Bank officials are on right to sell out the pledged house to recover the loan. you may bring the bank through a lawyer for negotiations to pay off the actual amount only. you should file a case different case on the bank to pressurize the bank officials. a lawyer in the chamber may guide you in a better way. If you need our assistance at Multan, you may contact us,

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