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Hi I divorced my wife back in 2002 and was I have lost the nikah nama. I don’t know what union it is at and I need it. I have checked different union councils and no1 has a copy if it or they won’t give it to me maybe because of corruption. But can you please help me to find it. It is either in Multan, sahiwal or neighbouring cities. If we can’t locate it then what will you suggest is the best course of action, regards


  1. Nikkah is registered in a Union Council, not at the district level. if it was also registered with NADRA then it can be located easily, otherwise, it ‘ll be a tough job. where did you send the divorce notice…? od did ur wife get NIC on your name …?
    However, you may get it registered now through us . Please call us at +92 321 4610092 for more information

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