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My sister got divorced, she has two kids, boy (10 years) and girl (6years), both are with my sister.
Now my sister ex-inlaws including husband want to meet with kids, they did not pay single penny for kids since they divorced my sister (3 months), which we also dont want from them, we dont want to send kids there they dont hv good environment in their house,so we tought to ask them maintenance charges for the kids which we know they would not give us for long and we would hv strong case not to send kids there,but we are afraid that if we would ask maintenance amount through court they could also ask kids custody, which they can ask anyway even if we dont ask amount, in the second case i was thinking that our case will not be strong, as if they ask child costudy in later stage and if we said to court that they even didnt give money for kids, court could ask ,did u ask for money,and our “NO” answer could make his case strong, so i was thinking to go to court for maintenance amount and once they stop that amount, my sister case will become strong so pls let me know what to do, should i go to court for maintenance amount or wait until they go for child costudy and at that time i brought this issue to court that he did not pay any thing for kids and court will consider this fact


  1. Yes, you are right. you should file a suit for maintenance of minor before the family court. If they file a custody petition then definitely it ‘ll be called a counterclaim of the suit and not due to love and affectation.

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