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Mn app se maintenance amount ky regarding puchna chahti hn. Mn court mn case file krna chahti hn. But some people told me that i got only 5000 for maintenance of my child. It is right?
My ex-husband pay is about 80000+ and he also has an investment in her mother business. Because he is govt employ so he cannot openly have shares. But investments are beneficial for him. So i want to ask how much maximum money i can take for maintenance. Their all family members are independent. His father has job, mother has business and brother has job.
I spent around 10000+ monthly on my child because of formula milk and his diapers.
If i don’t want to take maintenance amount. How can I get full custody of my child? Because my child is now 8th month old and they never care about my child. They never came to see him from his birth.


  1. Don’t ask from common peoples, ask from a family lawyer to get a legal advice. As per your statement, your child may get 20 to 25 thousand per month as maintenance allowances. Maintenance of minors always decided on the basis of income of father and living standard /expenditures of both parties.
    yes, you may get the full custody of minor from Guardian Court. you may call us for further details @ 0321 4610092.

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