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I have a query regarding my marriage certificate. My niakh was happened in bahria mosque and on my marriage certificate in bride address section , address of maulana (Nikah khoan) house is mentioned who lives in bahria town. They said that it is legally required to write address of someone who lives in that specific area where nikah was happened so they wrote the address of maulana. But that address doesn’t match with my actual address which is in samnnabad. I’m not sure about it though. My husband is going to file VISA application for me but he wants me to make sure about that address of maulana house is correct or should be changed. Also i checked nikah certificates of some of my cousins, they all contains address of area where nikah was happened. Kindly guide me regarding my query. Thanks.


  1. Say many thanks to that Molana Sahib as he did a great job for you. otherwise always all Nikkah registrar commit this mistake and always write the home address. your papers are fine , no need to change , Best of luck for process. you may visit us for detail consultation over spouse visa process.

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