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I am married to Filipino for 10 years, We do not have kids because of medical issues in my wife. After all these years we came up to the point that we cannot live together. Few years she was giving tuition to students or teaching in a school for about 3-4 years in total from 10 years of marriage which minimal salaries.

I am working as a general manager and gradually build a home. There was a time that we fought and we can’t live together anymore. I do not like cheapness. She asked 50% from the property.

Here are my questions.
If I divorce her, She is on my POC card. How long she will stay here and do I need to support her legally or Islamic.

She doesn’t have any legal relative only friends here in Pakistan which she made over the period of time, I believe she can’t live in the same house. Where she can complete her Iddat.

Is it possible If I give her Ticket and she can complete her Iddat in her own country? What is the legal aspect?

I wanted to know about if she goes to court and asked for 50% from the property as she is little greedy. Can I settle giving her 1-2 million Rupee? I do not want think bad at the time of judgement day. Otherwise I don’t think so her contribution was more than 1 million at home in 10 years.

Is possible that I divorce her, Cancel her POC and use FIA to leave the country with money I give her so she can settle down in Philippine.

Is it all so simple or complicated scenario?

Kindly clear all of my concerns before I reach you via phone.

Also, Please mentioned if you have already gone through such scenario where one is Pakistani and his spouse is a foreigner?

I will be waiting for your kind response.


  1. 1. yes, you may divorce her as the same is your right. ?

    2. She has right to stay in your home till Iddah period of three months.

    3. You are bound to pay the maintenance till her iddat.

    4. She is not entitled for any kind of property legally.

    5. you may give her some amount at your own as a good gesture.
    6. She may apply for an extension in her visa or residence at her own.
    7. yes, we deal a number of cases with the same proposition.
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