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Hello, iam a final year Medical student.
My college is pak international coleg and my univ is kmu, my college (pak internationl) isnt allowing me to sit for my annual exam based on research project which they are saying is mandatory for them but for university (kmu) it is not a requirement
But the affadavet college took from us says ” we are entitled to obey rules imposed by university and college”
In that case kindly tell me can i move a case against college. Because if research is not a mandatory for university why shall we obey college this rule when my whole year is on stake! Will be waiting for ur answer thanks.


  1. in my opinion, it ll be better to consult a lawyer in his chamber along with relevant docuemts. If same rule is not sanctioned by the university then you have right to sit in exam, what about other student/ Did they all completed project ..?

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