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salam O Alikum Sir,
I am Ali From Sialkot.I want some legal information.
after Divorce.
1-How long the Son lives with mother ( How Many Years)
2-How long the Daughter lives with mother ( How Many Years)
3-If the mother mentally good condition is not good, We can legal action?
4- I can appeal to court,for Medical Trial to EX-Wife Because is not Mentally Fit?
She can not care of My Daughter,

I am Waiting for your reply.
Best Regards Ali


  1. your first two question has no weightage in the ye of law as welfare of minor is paramount consideration to decide a custody petition.

    Yes, ofcourse, if you can proved that the mental condition of mother is not good then definitely, you ll get the custody if court you are already maintaining your children and court thinks that welfare of minor lies with you. A medical examine should also be conducted during trial of case if provide some circumstances evidence that she is not mentally fir person.

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