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Aoa, i am an Islamabad resident I just want to ask you about a very savior family problem as I was forced and mislead to sign on a mutual divorce deed during my time i was going through some medical treatment and the medical problem was the same ground raised by my Inlaws my documents were submitted in UC and r expiring date on 9th of next month plz i never pronounced my wife divorce never wanted to and only this sign is the thing which was taken by me. How can I get my side clear and can get this doc as null & void?


  1. after submission of divorce deed before Union Council, Husband has right to withdraw the notice of divorce before the expiry of 90 days. But a Notice of Mutual divorce can not be withdrawn by one party, therefore, you have only one choice that is reconciliation effort. File a written statement before chairman that you want to continue this marriage and same was under coercion if your wife agrees then it can be revoked.

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