Question :

I work in a bank. I mistakenly processed a transaction of huge amount 5 million with single sign,of ac holder whereas joint signs were required. The ac is of partership nature. The funds were transferred to partner personal ac with his sign & other sign was missing which was overlooked by me in a rush. The wnd partner is threatening me legal,action if funds ate not reversed. I know under law no such mistakes are admissible,and taken as fraud unless proven. Just,want to know,what legal,action van be taken against me & what punishment and how muh is girvn,to me. Moreover, can court seize property of my parents to compensate the oyher partner and can bank,make payment to aggrieved party after approval,of loan in my,name and make me pay for it from my salary and till loan clearance,force,me to,work,with it. Really depressed.


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