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My Sister was a student of a School in Karachi, Her enrollment form was submitted by school staff with mistakes. She leave the school and applied for new admission in another school. But now She came to know that there are mistakes in her School leaving certificate and she can not get admission in new school until clerical mistakes be cleared by previous school. We approached to previous school staff but they totally denied to accept their mistakes and use pure badmashi trend like (Humaray pass time nahi hai/ Hum kia karain ab etc) They even not bother to accept School Rules and Regulation. Now we are handicap and want justice. is there any legal support for a student. Can we go to Court against School Staff (Principal/ Clerks).


  1. yes you have right to sue school administration before consumer court. you can file a complaint before consumer court or may also file a independent suit for recovery of demages before civil court.

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